3 things to check when comparing UVC Sterilizer

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge impact on everyone’s life. We used to shake others hand on business setting, eat out with friends and hug our loved ones, but all these heartily touches have turned into wearing mask, taking body temperature, and spraying sanitizers. It felt like it’s been one crisis after another, and we’re all mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Now the vaccination has begun all over the world, but somehow, it’s hard to shake off the feeling it isn’t safe yet. 

I need more professional backup: UVC Sterilizer!

UVC sterilizer came to me while this new normal arrives, I realized that it is more efficient and powerful way to protect our loved ones. 

I found that UVC LED sterilizer for household, PuriLight-V is about to step foot into US marekt. PuriLight successfully ended a crowdfunding project in Korea and is now preparing a debut to US and Canada. PuriLight-V can sterilize anything than could fit inside the 2-Liter container using UVC LED light. 

What is UV? UVC?

Before buying UV sterilizer, you should know what UV is and what it does to find better sterilizer for yourself.

UV technology is not new to the world. It is already confirmed by many science researches that it is powerful and reliable way to sanitize objects, even drinking water. And this technology is within our reach now. Ultravilolet(UV) light is invisible light that arrange between 100nm to 400nm, which can be further subdivided into four separate categories.


Far UV or Vacuum UV

Only propagate in a vacuum



Useful for disinfection and sensing



Useful for curing, and medical applications


UVA or near UV

Useful for printing, curing, lithography, sensing and medical application

When biological organisms are exposed to UV light ranging between 200nm to 300nm, it is absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins. This absorption can destroy the cell walls and kills the organism, which inactivate DNA or RNA and disrupt with replication process.

(For more information, check out article from https://www.klaran.com/klaran-university/about-uvc

  1. Safety Measures

As I mentioned above, UVC light kills the organism when it is absorbed into cell walls. And human cell is not an exception. So, it is important to choose the product with safety measures such as proper cover or sensors that would keep us from direct UVC light. Some of products don’t have those safety measures or use weaker UVC modules, which make the sterilization process weaker or longer. Also check if it’s UVC, not UVA or UVB, UVC is the most efficient UV among them. 

PuriLight has drawer-like container, which is thick enough that UVC won’t penetrate outside. And the sterilization doesn’t begin unless it is tightly closed. I think such a simple safety measure is crucial if you’re trying to use sterilizer at home specially with kids.  

  1. Powerful UVC LED

One of the main reasons that I chose PuriLight is that it uses UVC LED chip produced in Korea, one of the leading semiconductor producing countries. The LED itself is overwhelming in terms of quality and performance. Just within 90 seconds, it can sterilize 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs. It’s just amazing that this little chip can do such a remarkable work.

There is another reason for choosing LED, some sterilizers still use mercury-based UV-Lamp, which is well known as harmful heavy metals for both environment and human beings. Not to mention its effect to environment, LED consumes much less electricity than the lamp. So, If you’re sensitive to environmental factors, LED is your answer.

  1. various Usage

There’re truly many types of sterilizer on the market for various purposes. I chose PuriLight because anything that fits in the container can get sterilized. I’m hoping to sterilize most of my daily belongings. If you leave it open, it can be used as moodlight or bed light in the evening or even in camping. 

The company

PuriLight was developed by a company called ShareLight. When I came across a company name, I was rather confused whether it was a non-profit charity or a manufacturer company. Later it turned that it has both non-profit organization and a manufacturer entity. 

Also they have interesting story behind their product. It was originally designed to fight waterborne diseases in less-privileged area without proper access to electricity. And it was already tested in Tanzania, Africa and the product for Tanzania is equipped with a manual generator that generates electricity so that it can be used anywhere in need of safe water source.

For more information, check out the video below:


Most of all, this company have been helping remote villages such as Tanzania and Nepal with such product. I could buy their product with pleasure knowing that it would eventually help those people in need. 

The product for U.S. (PuriLight-V) this time is excluded the manual generator and it is currently available at www.wearablesearch.com.

Where to buy : www.wearablesearch.com

Price : USD $139 + Shipping cost